EPT4 Series Surface Mount LL-34 MELF Precision Interchangeable Thermistors

EPT4 Series Surface Mount LL-34 MELF Precision Interchangeable Thermistors

The EPT4 series MELF NTC Thermistors feature a higher accuracy than the standard EL34 series. Available with either ±0.5°C or ±1.0°C accuracy, while still operable up to 220°C, individual circuit calibration is eliminated due to their precision interchangeability.

EPT4 Surface Mount Interchangeable MELFFeatures:

  • High temperature capability up to +220°C
  • Hermetically sealed glass package
  • High accuracy
  • Low cost
  • Excellent long-term stability

Other Package Sizes: 
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Resistance Ohms @25°CAccuracyR-T CurveBeta (K) 0-50°CDownload/ViewPart Number
10,000±0.5°C (0 to +70°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430C103
10,000±0.5°C (0 to +100°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430S103
10,000±1.0°C (0 to +70°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430D103
10,000±1.0°C (0 to +100°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430T103
20,000±0.5°C (0 to +70°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430C203
20,000±0.5°C (0 to +100°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430S203
20,000±1.0°C (0 to +70°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430D203
20,000±1.0°C (0 to +100°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430T203
25,000±0.5°C (0 to +70°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430C253
25,000±0.5°C (0 to +100°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430S253
25,000±1.0°C (0 to +70°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430D253
25,000±1.0°C (0 to +100°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430T253
50,000±0.5°C (0 to +70°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430C503
50,000±0.5°C (0 to +100°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430S503
50,000±1.0°C (0 to +70°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430D503
50,000±1.0°C (0 to +100°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430T503
100,000±0.5°C (0 to +70°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430C104
100,000±0.5°C (0 to +100°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430S104
100,000±1.0°C (0 to +70°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430D104
100,000±1.0°C (0 to +100°C)303892DrawingR-T DataEPT430T104

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